The Laboratory Collective

At The Laboratory, we use science to teach creativity.

Our programs blur the lines between subjects, seamlessly connecting literature, history, art and design, writing, role play and popular culture and bring it to life through math and science. Our immersive storylines empower students to use math and science to solve problems that are engaging and interesting to them.
We go beyond “hands-on” science, by developing experiments and projects that are more than a predetermined outcome. After students learn the science, the emphasis is: “Now that we know this, what can we do with it?”

We believe in these core values:
Math and Science are rooted in creativity and imagination
Science is always changing, and STEM education needs to constantly evolve
All students are capable of higher levels of achievement; creativity and intelligence are malleable
Scientific Method + Design Thinking = Insight and Innovation
All classroom educators are capable of creating innovative STEAM lessons

The Laboratory Collective